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Who We've Helped
advocus we work with and help retail organisations of all sizes from SMEs through to major blue-chip and FTSE 100 organisations. More and more these days we find that we are being asked to help organisations that are going through some sort of significant change in one or more channels of a multi-channel retail business.
The type of projects that our clients involve us in range from major change projects where we will work with the wider business team to plan and manage the project - acting as the key project manager if required - to smaller, more focussed projects involving, for example, process change where we would work with a core team to develop the project plan and then act as advisers and knowledge providers, including coaching and mentoring throughout the life of the project.
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At advocus we work with our clients to identify what success looks like and then help them to discover how to achieve it. We do this in a wide variety of ways. Often we work with teams and groups, in a workshop, and other times we work on a one-on-one basis. We may also work with a team or with a whole department over an extended period of time.
Our clients appreciate that, at every stage of the project, we give the best possible advice and ensure that we transfer appropriate skills into the client’s team.
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It’s difficult to categorise exactly the why our clients enlist our help, but generally this falls into one of the following reasons:
- They know that something is changing or needs to change and they know they need help but don't know exactly what that help is and want us to help them identify that requirement.
- They know that they have a skills / knowledge shortage on a project and they know that our extensive multi-channel retailing experience will fill that gap.
- They may have a change project that needs an independent, external stimulus to break down some initial inertia and get the project going.
- They need to create wider buy in across many teams to commence a critical change project.
- They can see the benefits of a crucial business change but are not sure how to get there.

In summary
advocus' clients know that they can be more successful but need expert help to realise their goals.