What our clients say about advocus
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“I brought Tony and Mike from Advocus in to deliver a WMS programme. The programme was part of a high pace re-platform of the all the business operational systems that I was driving to sort out a multitude of challenges and enable a new foundation for our Connect Client Cloud platform.
Along the way I threw in a few curved balls like a major retailer project in Ireland as the pilot!
They fairly gave me a hard robust time, but through the tough conversations we found ways to deliver the extreme targets in timescales that others would have still been polishing PIDs in.
This was only possible due to experience, tenacity and pride. When the programme broadened Tony took on the role of change team 'captain' within the biggest business unit.
I cannot speak highly enough of the motivational effect he had on the team that was not used to change of this magnitude and the responsibilities only they could deliver on top of their day jobs. The programme is a success and we are on to the next phases to leverage the investment. There is an palpable sense of achievement that has lifted the business unit as we head into peak. We have delivered in a few months what had defeated others for years!!
Tony's approach of being there in the thick of it gave others the confidence to give it a shot which tipped the probabilities in our favour.”
Chris Airey, CIO, Bezier
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"Tony has worked with several of our clients and has received excellent feedback from them all. His ability to provide a strategic input to clients along with excellent operational skills makes him an extremely valuable member of our associate team."
Nick Roach, Project Manager, Winning Pitch plc
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Tony is a detailed planner, organiser and motivator. With only limited management resources available to us, he provided excellent guidance and project management to enable us to relocate our warehouse and subsequently open a new store without losing any business process time. His organisational skills and ongoing mentoring were invaluable in achieving our aims. I could not recommend his work highly enough. Simply put, we would not have achieved the successful completion of these two major projects without him
Daragh O'Malley, Managing Director, Derby House Group [2003 - 2006]
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Mike Beckett of Advocus helped us identify areas of improvement in our operation and then calmly facilitated the selection of a new 3rd party, helped us create a comprehensive and robust move plan and then worked with us throughout the project to ensure a successful on-time implementation. He was a great sounding board at all times and I would recommend him to anyone with similar issues and projects.
Lisa Baglin, Commercial Director, Nails Inc

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The enthusiasm, support and knowledge of the Advocus team have proved extremely helpful in several recent catalogue and range development projects. They have helped us with projects, that initially appeared mammoth tasks, and, helped us to break them down into simple, achievable and measurable processes.
When facilitating workshops in catalogue critique, catalogue hierarchy design and range review process the Advocus team's passion, knowledge and enthusiasm have proved infectious.
Their understanding of fast paced businesses and growth, current issues that actually matter, industry fashions and trends, and all round experience in delivering real results at the coal face have made working together easy and a pleasure.
Chris Bass, Owner and Commercial Director
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"The true test of how successful this new process has been is that, if I was to say we were were going to go back to the old way of working, I'd have a riot on my hands”
Steve Abse, Head of Group Direct Operations, Mothercare

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“A fantastic team player and manager, Tony was a pleasure to work with. An accomplished strategist whilst at the same time willing to resolve detailed day-to-day issues affecting multiple stakeholders. Tony achieves a high level of peer respect from the word go - he just knows his stuff and will drive it through.”
Richard MacNamara, former Company Secretary and Head of Legal, Screwfix Direct
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“Tony was instrumental in making step changes to the lead time and reduced overhead and unit costs of the catalogue production process at Screwfix. His achievements included shortening the process times at the same time as completely eliminating the 'overtime working' culture in the team. He also achieved a 'right first time' practice in the contributing teams. Tony introduced some innovative changes to the style of the catalogue that have increased page productivity and improved browsability. Overall Tony has left a lasting legacy during his time with the company. As a work colleague Tony can be relied on to say what needs to be said and does not shy away from treading on toes where necessary. Thoroughly recommended if you need to make a step change in difficult core processes that may involve challenging perceived wisdom and shooting some holy cows.”
Dave Thomas, Head of Commercial Finance, Screwfix Direct
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“Mike has cultivated a very effective facilitation technique which ensures that projects have focus, clarity and direction, Mike also reinforces ownership of project work streams and is very effective at tracking activities. If you have a project that is complex and you need to focus on your core business then Mike can be trusted to help you deliver. I have used Mike on numerous occasions and have no hesitation in recommending him.”
Chris Pearce-Ramwell
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“I worked alongside Tony throughout his time at Screwfix Direct. A strategic business leader and significant Senior Team Player, who was incredibly driven towards achieving the results of our organisation (As an Interim this is a very rare commodity). He contributes to the organisation from much more than just the perspective of his role, a real player who has been there and done it and is happy share his experience for the benefit and growth of others. From a personal perspective this is a man you would definately want on your team going into battle. Matt”
Matt Tobin, Head of Retail Operations, Screwfix Direct
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advocus team delivered absolutely everything we could have expected - and then some!!"
Jeremy Maxwell, Group Direct Channels Director, Mothercare

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“We invited Tony to manage this Management Consultancy assignment because we were confident that he would use his skills and experience to manage the assignment to the highest possible standards. We were confident that our Client would be very impressed by his commitment and professionalism - we weren't disappointed.”
Brian Ashley, former Sales and Marketing Director Clarity Integration
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“Tony made a big impact at Screwfix saving the company a lot of money in catalogue production costs and introducing better processes into both catalogue and eCommerce production as well as making them better, faster and smarter. He also has a huge amount of overall heavyweight business experience which is worth a lot to any company in helping to deliver the bigger picture objectives.”
John Ashton, Head of E-Commerce, Screwfix Direct
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“Tony is a highly driven leader of change who delivers results in a pragmatic, business focussed manner. He delivered excellent process improvements and efficiency savings across the catalogue production cycle. He is an active team player participating / contributing across the business providing support to colleagues.”
Darren Vine, Head of Strategy and Development, Screwfix Direct
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“I just wanted to reiterate how pleased I have been with your performance and contribution over the past several months - you have, despite the challenging environment and circumstances, managed to deliver everything I could have expected to a far higher standard than I would have believed possible. You have also helped to create the most enjoyable and productive team atmosphere I've experienced in many years, and you will be sadly missed.”
Phil Walker, Muliti-Channel Director, PC World
“I worked with Tony on the Screwfix digital catalogue project during it's introduction and development. I find Tony to be an incredibly well organised person with a real clarity of vision and efficient problem solving style. He's quick to understand the requirements of a project from a distance, but also has an incredible eye for detail. I hope to work with Tony again in the future - if only more people had his attitude to getting the job done.”
Richard Fletcher, former Commercial Manager, Activepoint UK
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“Tony did an excellent job of improving all aspects of the production process during his time at Screwfix. His focus on the deliverables, combined with his strong overall knowledge of the direct/catalogue environment enabled him to to make an impact very quickly at the sharp end of the business. He was also instrumental in significantly improving the planning of communications to ensure that activity was started early enough!”
Simon O'Mahony, Head of Marketing, Screwfix Direct
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“I have worked with Tony on numerous projects over the last five years and have always found him to be focused, driven, charismatic, goal orientated, knowledgeable and thoroughly fun and interesting to work with. Tony takes full ownership of projects he manages and turns them into success. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”
Chris Pearce-Ramwell, Owner, CPR Logistics