Our History
Mike Beckett and Tony Bishton formed advocus in 2002.

At advocus, we aim to provide consultancy help to multi-channel retailers in a different way to that we have experienced from the large corporate consultancies. We aim to be viewed as experienced advisors – in fact advocus is the Latin 'to summon or call in an advisor'. We aim to assist businesses to change and improve themselves rather than do the change for them, or indeed to them. Have you ever had change ‘done’ to you? Exactly!
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advocus consultants have extensive experience across all retail channels – high street, home shopping, catalogues and e-commerce
many functions – marketing, buying, merchandising, contact centres, supply chain, logistics, order fulfilment, eCommerce, shop operations, warehousing, returns, parcel delivery, consumer credit, finance and infrastructure

Our knowledge is both broad and deep.
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At advocus we believe that good retail is the sum of all constituent parts and is only as good as its weakest link. Broad knowledge in one individual advisor is very powerful as it enables full understanding of benefit trade offs across the whole business. That is what we bring to the businesses we help – a holistic approach.

Over the last 10 years we have been able to help many blue chip and SME retailers. Our approach has nearly always led to
repeat business and referrals – we regard this as the true measure of the value and benefit that we have helped deliver.